NINER goggle cases

Kieran NINER goggle cases

NINER goggle cases


The original Tailgate Industries product, the NINER goggle case is a blend of simplicity, recyclability, and durability that keeps your goggles protected. A semi-rigid goggle case that is fleece-lined, low-profile and uses a 100% ldpe recycled plastic core with a pocket and overlapping fabrics to secure and protect your goggles when not in use. All around protection!

Use the NINER to carry your goggles everywhere; hiking inbounds or the back-country, once you reach your peak, this low-pro case fits in your pack or pocket while you descend. A Backcountry accessory at 3.2 0z!

available colors
Yellow plaid goggle case Tweed goggle case Black Niner goggle case light blue goggle case green niner goggle case

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