About Us

Tailgate Industries started in 2008, sewing goggle cases and goggle covers for lightweight, durable and easy to pack solutions to use in the backcountry for goggle protection. Thoroughly tested in the backcountry of the Rockies and word spreading we increased manufacturing and invested in materials. Distributing across North America and shipping internationally since 2008 with a solid and loyal user base, we continue to expand in using recycled materials and designing products to meet the needs of our customer.  Made in Bend, Oregon.

Why people love our products

“ I’ve been lucky enough to use TLG8 goggle protectors since the beginning!! The cases keep my goggles and the spare set I carry safe from damage while in my pack. I find the Gondom® a must when it’s hammering snow and I’m waiting in the Tram line on big pow days. They ensure my optics stay clear!!!”

-Brendan Burns, Burns Guiding (Jackson Hole, WY)

What sets us apart from the competition is that we are innovative and small! We are invested in the process of design and materials so that we can deliver on the product. We are able to repurpose and upcycle materials into other products which keeps our environmental impact down and road test ideas to products in the mountains.

The Never Ending Pursuit of Innovation

Working with so many talented people creates the drive to create and innovate!

We work with professional guides and athletes to ensure our products are up to snuff always innovating and incorporating recycled materials from plastic to textiles along the way in delivering great products to you!

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